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Uniform preferent by Wahtamin xx
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Wahtamin xx x Eros /keur
Uniform was sired by Wahtamin xx, who is the top of the dressage index with a score of 123. One of the striking aspects of Wahtamin's pedigree is that the legendary Nearco xx appears twice, as great-grandsire of Wahtamin's sire I Say xx and as great-grandsire of his sire's dam, Miss Rhona xx.
Uniform's dam Liris is keur, 2x pref, 2x prest was an attractive Z-level dressage horse as well as m-level show jumper. She received 88 for IBOP and had three placings in Utrecht in the champion Hack Class. Liris is a daughter of the keur stallion Eros, who was producer of a number of prominent dressage horses. Eros is tenth on the breeding index, directly behind his sire, the more than famous preferent Amor.

At the KWPN performance test in 1981 Uniform was the champion of his year. He displayed great versatility with 9.5 for dressage, 9.5 for jumping under saddle and a 10 for his temperament. Uniform won all the saddle classes as a 4- and 5-yr-old, as for example at the national stallion inspection in Utrecht and Indoor Brabant. Uniform, who still serves about 100 mares every year, is listed in the new NHS/KWPN annual as number one amongst the stallions still serving in the Netherlands.

Uniform, who was granted the 'keur' and the 'preferent' predicate, developed into a top-class producer of both sport and inspection horses,. His sons Gregor, Highness and Junior were approved by the KWPN. A great number of the offspring of this striking, grey stallion are high-level dressage horses. In this context we could mention Baboon of Coby van Baalen, Arizona of Iwan Verket , Barok of Mieke de Kok, Congo STV of Ton de Kok and Lovely Surprise of Brigitte de Sandelear in Belgium, Montreux in Germany Metalic (Horse of the Year) under Anne Gribbons in the U.S.A. Furthermore Denderos under Joost Smits and Hermes 88. Uniform also sired the champion mares Desire and Felenza. In 1993 Dettie Oosterom claimed the title of National Champion with Centurion at Indoor Brabant in the ZZ-light category.

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The majority of above text is taken over of 'The Leading Stallions Of The Netherlands' (1994/1995) by Jacob Melissen.


Wahtamin xx

I Say xx
Sayajirao xx
Rosy Legend xx
Isetta xx
Morland xx
Isolda xx
Miss Rhona xx
Neron xx
Love's Legend xx
Lady Rhona xx
Greywell xx

Liris /keur, 2x pref, 2x prest

Eros /keur
Amor /pref
1196Sgldt / Holstein
3704 Holstein / Sweden
53198 Holstein
Areina /kroon, pref
Eros /keur
Nureina /ster
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood

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De Dalhoeve
Pretendent Hoeve

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