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Ulster by Nimmerdor preferent
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Ulster ( Nimmerdor x Antonio-Anblick-XX x Componist-Odin van Wittenstein )
Date of Birth: 1978
Colour: Bay
Height: 16.1hh / 166 cms
Studbook: KWPN
Grade: Graded

Ulster is one of the best dual purpose sires in the UK with many current sons and daughters competing in showjumping and dressage at all levels. Ulster stood at stud in Holland for 13 years (1981 till 1994) and was then used as KWPN approved stallion. During those 13 years he produced over 800 registered progeny. Ulster, having the high percentage of 62.5% gelderlander blood flowing through his vains, has top class Dutch Warmblood competition lines, and his breeding statistics show that he greatly improves characteristics for neck length and musculature, shoulder length and angle, length of croup, quality, bone, suppleness and especially power in trot. In 1994 Ulster was exported to the UK and is fully approved by the Anglo European Studbook, who said 'he will be an asset to England'.

Ulster, of which is known that his moving mechanism is extremly strong, is dam sire of KWPN's crown jewel Jazz (Cocktail x Ulster). He is also granddam sire of the KWPN approved stallion Solitair (Voltaire x Libero x Ulster) as well dam sire of NRPS approved stallion Wellborn (Whinny Jackson x Ulster). Ulster is also sire of the mare Dolly /keur, pref, prest. Dolly is granddam of the NRPS approved stallion Jetstream W (Jetset D x Mytens XX x Ulster).
The damline of Ulster traces back to Hestia /hStb, 12.280Sgldt (born 1943) who is the foundation mare of KWPN performance breeding family 236. Nayade STV does also originate from this influential KWPN breeding family, along with the well known KWPN's approved stallions Monarch, Elegant /keur, Variant and a several others.

Ulster competed mainly in the exclusive stallion shows during his time at stud. He has been extremely consistent in these very competitive classes including winning the Showjumping Category A Final in 1984 and being runner up in Category C in 1987 and in 1987/88 3rd in Dressage Category C.
Fully Approved and Graded by the Anglo European Studbook February 1996.
Fully Approved and Graded by the American Warmblood Registry November 1996.

Breeding Profile:
Nimmerdor, Ulster's sire, one of the most influential Dutch stallions of all time, who competed very successfully as an international showjumper and has a BLUP of 129 for showjumping, making him one of the most highly ranked sires of showjumpers in the Netherlands. His progeny include top international horses Up to Date, Optiebeurs Aldato, Olympic Ahorn, Canadian Colours, Avenir and Telstar. He sired over 20 graded sons and many of them, such as Ahorn (BLUP 133) and Wellington (BLUP 130) are already producing outstanding showjumping progeny of their own, as are Aram who sired Guy Goosen's Electric, Amethist and Zadok, who competed in the World Cup Finals, and was No. 1. Stallion in the Netherlands in 1995 and the sire of Marie Edgar�s Everest Winstar. See also Nimmerdor article
Farn by Fax 1 out of a Monarch mare was a Holstein stallion and one of the founders of the modern Dutch Warmblood, producing 11 graded sons and many highly graded broodmare daughters. He sired many international competition horses including Opstalans Pasquino, Opstalans Investment, and Paul Bevan's Belotti (who competed internationally in the Eastern block World Cups). Me owned and ridden by Dupe Armstrong nee Powell, as well as Nimmerdor his other graded stallions sons include Ulrich and Wolfgang. He is also the sire of the dams of both Just Malone and Renville. Not forgetting the currently very successful It's Otto and Felix.
Lucky, Ulster's dam, was a very highly graded broodmare by the Holstein stallion Antonio, who also sired the graded stallion lremus plus the dam of graded dual-purpose stallion Rinaldo (sire of Sven Rothenbergers top dressage mare Bo, plus Anky van Grunsven's international dressage horse Apollo) who jumped well over 2m with Rob Ehrens during his competitive career under saddle and Celissa the maternal grand-dam of both the top international dressage stallion Olympic Cocktail and Falco (Class A Champion stallion in The Netherlands in 1992).
Anblick XX, the sire of Antonio, was one of the best TB stallions to stand in Germany ever, a full brother to Abendfrieden, with 14 approved sons including Anklang. Anblick XX sired the Olympic dressage and 1960's superstars Venetia and Antoinette and he also sired the top Holsteiner stallion Aldato who founded one of the top modern stallion lines in the Holsteiner breed. Anblick was also the sire of Ulana, the dam of Joost, the top showjumping sire whose progeny include VIP, Ultrazon, Palfrenier, Robin Foulard's Blue Chip and Ostra Carpets Carrera winner of the 1994 Aachen Grand Prix. The particular strength of this family is supple healthy horses with a joy for work.
Lucky's dam, the Ster pref mare Gouddona B was by Componist and out of Cagoldona, on the most successful Gelderlander broodmares, being the dam of the top stallion Monarch, whose son Ahoy has several progeny competing as dressage horses in England.

Ulster has 50 Ster and 11 Keur Pref mares, and almost 150 successful prize winners in ridden competition, including Grade A showjumpers Duster, Glen and Nobody and the Advanced dressage horses Doreen, Dominant and Duolinde, plus many other top competition horses such as the already preferent Dolly, who was the UTV Champion of the Netherlands both in 1988 and 1990.
Of particular note is Ulster�s Anglo European Studbook Approved son, Grade A International showjumper Dex who has just been sold by John Whitaker, who bred from him and who has retained some of the homebred progeny; and in Dressage Angela Crane's Samantha who has attracted favourable comment among competitors and in the Horse and Hound on two occasions.
There are 26 pages of notes on Ulster's progeny in the KWPN Year Book, so we could not name them all! His entry shows that noted progeny is nearly equally divided between Dressage and Showjumping.
All his 1997 foals achieved First Premiums at Grading.
All Ulster's foals are eligible for the World Breeding Federation sporthorse rankings.

In the Netherlands, two horses in particular had been making a name for themselves. In dressage, Heros out of Crista by Tolbert won the KNF-Levade at Z Level (Prix St. George) and in less than a year was competing at ZZ Level (Intermediate) and his rider, Loes Corsel, comments very favourably on his excellent temperament and speed with which he has progressed to this level. In jumping, Gogo won the very prestigious "Golden Egg" at Barnevelt ridden by Richard Kapteyn who says that "this horse has always been a very consistent performer". Ulster's progeny has been well in contention in the 5 and 6 year old classes, one winning a championship. In the UK, his dressage daughter Samantha has been noted in Horse and Hound, and his jumping sons have been owned by such notable riders as John Whitaker and William Funnell.


Nimmerdor /preferent
72.0147Stb / Holstein


Lucky /ster, pref
7468Stb KWPN

Anblick XX
Ferro XX
Antonia XX
Gouddona /ster, pref
36.814 B NWP
Odin van Wittenstein /pref
Cagoldona /ster
29.704 Sgldt
by Helmar
24.625 Sgldt
by Luitenant-Graaf v.W.
out of Puck /kroon, pref
21.612 Sgldt

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