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presentation of Nayade STV

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Nayade STV /Z dressage by Argus /GP (show jumping) and Inter II (dressage)
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Nayade STV by Argus x Uniform x Eros
Nayade STV
--- 5 years old ---
at STV-stud in Handel The Netherlands

Nayade STV
--- 6 years old ---

Nayade STV by Argus x Uniform x Eros
Nayade STV
--- 9 years old ---
under Joyce van de Wiel at Z1 competition in Waspik The Netherlands

Argus x Uniform x Eros
x Centurio-L'Invasion x Orlando-Graaf van Wittenstein x L'Invasion x Graaf van Wittenstein x Declamator-Gambo
More pictures on Nayade STV

Nayade STV was bred and raised by the well known dressage farm STV (Stoeterij 't Vierspan) at Handel in the Netherlands. She was born in 1995 and purchased by VDWhorses mid 2000. Since then she is trained by dressage rider Joyce van der Wiel and currently they are competing at Z-level dressage. Nayade STV is an eye catching grey mare of 1.71m and likes working under saddle. She is intelligent and has a wonderful character, probably thanks to her 69% gelderlander blood. Meanwhile Nayade STV is bringing beautiful offspring:

February 14th, 2002 she gave birth to her first foal (filly) the sizy Vayade VDW (by Jazz-Cocktail),
March 4th, 2003 she gave birth to her second foal (filly) the athletic Willyade VDW (by Jazz-Cocktail),
May 5th, 2005 she gave birth to her third foal (colt) the sizy Ariyade VDW (by UB40-Olivi-Jazz),
May 13th, 2007 she gave birth to her fourth foal (colt) the athletic Ciyade VDW (by Jazz-Cocktail).
May 11th, 2008 she gave birth to her 5th foal (filly) the beautiful sizy Divayade VDW (by Jazz-Cocktail).
Apr 23rd, 2009 she gave birth to her 6th foal (colt) the very special and cool beauty Erosyade VDW (by Jazz-Cocktail).
May 26th, 2010 she was scanned in foal of the KWPN stallion Uphill s.Oscar-Wolfgang-Farn x Apollonios XX. Exciting what the result on April 11th, 2010 will be ...

Nayade STV is full sister to Romulus DHS, alias Remus under young rider Marin Kuhn from StarWest New Berlin Illinois USA. The combination was competing at level 4 dressage. DHS is short for 'Dancing Horse Stables' belonging to Mrs. Diane Hermus in the Netherlands.

Nayade STV' sire is Argus and her dam's sire is Uniform. Argus, son of Pion, performed very well at his KWPN performance test (3rd of 24) and was exported to the USA immediately thereafter. He was the only horse in the world that was simultanuously competing in Dressage on international level and in Show Jumping at Grand Prix level. Pion brought two other well known KWPN approved stallions, Aktion and Democraat. Both are in the top-10 of the KWPN dressage index. After his great sport career in the USA Argus was purchased by STV and came back to the Netherlands. After a number of years standing at STV stud he returned to North America where he spent his last years at Sabir Springs Farm Inc., Rock Creek B.C. Canada owned by Lori Skrip. Argus died on a heart attack at the age of 23 years old on Friday September 29, 2005

The well known Uniform dam sire of Romulus DHS received the 'preferent'-predicate that is awarded by the KWPN very rare to their stallions having proved to produce performance offspring repeatedly. Many children of Uniform perform at the highest level of dressage, nationally as well as internationally.

Jade STV/keur is dam of Romulus DHS. In 2001 Jade STV scored 118th on the KWPN TOP-250 of their best promissing dressage breeding mares. She also received 8th's for step, trot and canter during her performance test at Deurne. Dam of Jade STV is the well known mare Lilium /keur, pref, prest. Lilium, one of the 3 foundation mares of STV, is dam of Variant and through Variant granddam of Junior STV (by Uniform) and Negro (by Ferro).

Two other performing daughters of Lilium are Diamant STV /keur, pref, prest, sport (dr) (by Uniform), full sister to Jade STV, and Tamonia STV /ster, prest (by Afrikaner xx), full sister to Variant. Furthermore Lilium delivered two other sons, Goodluck STV and Briljant (both by Uniform) that reached 2nd round of the KWPN stallion selection. Diamant STV delivered Mozaiek STV (by Iglesias) who was selected for the World Championship of young dressage horses at Arnhem in 1999 and the stallion Saffier van D (s.Donnehall) who was appointed for the final KWPN stallion performance test at Ermelo in 2002. Tamonia STV delivered Hattrick (by Uniform) and Jerssey (by Uniform) both performing on national dressage level.

Dam line of Nayade STV:

The dam line of Ariyade VDW goes back on Hestia 12.280hbSgldt, the foundation mare of the KWPN performance breeding family 236. This bloodline has already produced several KWPN approved stallions. I.e. Variant, Ulster, Elegant, Guelderson (UK), Monarch and Organist. In the summer of 2002 a son (by Donnerhall) out of Diamant STV was appointed for and went to the KWPN stallion performance test at Ermelo. Diamant STV is a full sister to Jade STV, granddam of Ariyade VDW. Detailed information on this performance dam line is provided on link KWPN mareline 102 / breeding family 236 Taken all above family facts into account the potential of Nayade STV is quite promising from both the keurings point of view as well as from the perfromance point of view. So far, July 2003, she has shown breeding and sport results in line with the expectations.

Achievements of Nayade STV:

--- Nayade STV was only part time available for dressage training and competition due to:
----- a lameness returning regularly as a consequence of a hoof-injury occured during raising,
----- she is a valuable breed mare delivering quality offspring. I.e. see elite mare Vayade VDW,
--- Despite her part time availability Nayade STV and her rider Joyce van de Wiel managed to compete at dressage Z1 level (3rd),
Remark: Due to the returning lameness Nayade STV stopped dressage competition mid 2007 and became a full time brood mare with which we are very happy!

sire: (1.71 m)

Argus /int. GP

Argus is the only horse
in the world that was
simultaneously successful
in both Grand Prix jumping
and international dressage

Competed on Int. Showjumping
Abgar xx /keur
Abernant xx
Karadja xx
Irma La Douce /keur, pref, prest
Epigoon /pref
Verda /pref
Rozetta /pref, prest
Jasper /keur, int. GP
Courville xx /pref
Garma /model
A 33.156NWP
Laurine /ster
A 34494NWP
Sinaeda /pref
1412NWP / Holstein
IJzeline /model
B 30.408NWP

Jade STV /keur
Successfully passed KWPN EPTM mare test and ranked 93rd in 2007 on the KWPN top-250-list of best dressage breeding mares with dressage breeding index of 162/50%.

Uniform /pref, PSG
Competed on PSG under Anky van Grunsven
Wahtamin xx
I Say xx
Miss Rhona xx
Liris /keur, pref, prest
Eros /keur
Lilium /keur, pref, prest
Dam of KWPN approved PSG stallion Variant
Eros /keur
Amor /pref
1196Sgldt / Holstein
Areina /kroon, pref
Bransje /ster

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