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Michelangelo Elite by Pasteur XX
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Michelangelo (Pasteur XX x Matador x Kosmos x Poet XX x Altan x Loewenherz x Pardon x Dornprinz x Schaumburger)

Pasteur XX x Matador x Kosmos x Poet XX x Altan x Loewenherz x Pardon x Dornprinz x Schaumburger (1908)
More pictures of Michelangelo:
Michelangelo under saddle / Michelangelo in stand / Michelangelo's head

Michelangelo was born May 10th, 1985. Height 1.67 m. Approved Neum�nster in 1987. Stallion performance test Warendorf in 1988: Total index 126,65. He is approved by Trakehner and all warmblood breeds in Germany and the Netherlands.

Michelangelo's hereditary career has already been crowned by many heights. Many of his sons were celebrated in the approval arenas in Germany as well as in the Netherlands and Denmark.

In his first breeding year, the champion stallion in Neum�nster, Kennedy and Guy Laroche were approved. Michelangelo's son Michelino, bred in the Netherlands, had been nominated elite stallion in Denmark due to the success of his offspring in the sport. Back in germany two of his sons were approved in 1998: reserve winner Hirtenruf and Kensington, a full brother to Kennedy. The winning stallion 1998 Monteverdi descended from Michelangelo's dam Miami.

In the same year he supplied the Trakehner winner mare in the Netherlands. His daughter Schneeflocke reached the highest price at auction that a mare ever reached in Neum�nster. Moreover Michelangelo is father to the mother of the country-wide-winning mare Lantana.

Michelangelo supplied again two approved sons: H�lderin in Hungary in 1999 and premium stallion Summertime in 2000. In 2001 the Oldenburg premium stallion Mon Dieux by Michelangelo was approved.

More than 10 approved sons make Michelangelo world-wide one of the most sought after Trakehner hereditors.

His pedigree stands for excellent, solid and prepotent traits. His sire, the thoroughbred Pasteur xx, produced a number of outstanding dressage horses and furthermore he is the sire of the century stallion Mahagoni.

Michelangelo's dam is the highly decorated premium, state premium and elite mare Miami by Matador.

Michelangelo's dam is Elite, State Premium and Verband Premium mare Miami, according to Selected Stallions of Germany one of the famous show mares of the Trakehner breed as Reserve Grand Champion of the German National Trakehner Show and of the German National Riding Horse Show and Grand Champion of the Trakehner State Championships Rhineland. She also produced Verband approved sires Miami Vice and Monteverdi. Brad Kerbs used her as example of a perfect conformation in a lecture on grading at the ATA AGM. Her dam line Mira 281 (from Trakehnen's last director Ehlert) delivered among others approval champion Morgenglanz, Reserve Champion Mozart and Dutch star stallion Marco Polo, sire of world famous jumpers like Irco Polo and grandsire of legendary Milton.

Michelangelo himself shows dominance and extravagance in every aspect. Trained and placed into the highest class this halfbreed is a first class improver stallion. In the trakehner breeding lineage he is on the top. Sporting behaviour as well as nobility paired with dominante hereditary traits including type, optimal build as well as the best of gaits make his descendants the most promising.

Michelangelo is leaving his mark upon the Trakehner breed through the strength and quality of his offspring. Numerous sons, including Kennedy and Hirtenruf, distinguish this stallion, and contributed to his title of best Trakehner transmitter of 2000 and 2001. Along with Kennedy, he also got the premium son Guy Laroche from his first crop, and the premium horse Mon Dieu. His son Michellino, from the Netherlands, is leaving a lasting mark in Denmark.

In 1998 a daughter of Michelangelo set an auction record in Holland. He is also the sire of the dam of the Bundessiegerstute Lantana. Michelangelo's pedigree is rich with dressage talent. His sire Pasteur xx has sired many fine Trakehner dressage horses and is the sire of leading sire Mahagoni. His dam, Miami, is a state premium mare. Michelangelo radiates extravagance and superiority, and is trained to the highest levels. This aristocratic stallion's dominant genes for sport secure the transmission of type and optimal basic paces to all his descendants.

Some more collected articles:
"Summertime's" sire "Michelangelo" is successful in dressage tests up to advanced level. His confirmation breeding index 2004 is 151 which means he is the best sires in the Trakehner breed. His son "Kennedy", champion of the stallion selection at Neum�nster and champion of the stallion performance test and his daughter "Schneeflocke" hit the top prizes on the auction.

His dam "Miami" (state premium mare) by the champion of the National Agricultural Fair (DLG) "Matador" is elite mare of the Trakehner Federation. She is also mother of "Monteverdi" (champion at the Trakehner stallion selection and winner dressage test at the stallion performance test).

Guy Laroche's sire is FEI level trained dressage winner Michelangelo, sire of many approved stallions in Germany and in the Netherlands, where he was one of the most popular stallions also in the Dutch Warmblood breed. Michelangelo�s sire is legendary Thoroughbred Pasteur xx. (�Selected Stallions of Germany�: �He founded his own stallion line, which at this time in the Trakehner breed is important as no other one.�) Pasteur xx is best known as sire of Mahagoni, one of the leading dressage horse producers in the world, among his offspring Olympic dressage medalist, ATA stallion Peron.

Michelangelo, although 50% TB, is not a light stallion. He is rater substantial and VERY correct, a trait he consistently reproduced. He was first used in the Durch warmblood breed, where he stood for the first part of his life, and he left a number of approved sons (e.g. Michellino) and highly rated daughters there. Michel is the leading mare producer in the German Trakehner breed for the 3rd year in a row. This is a ranking of stallions according to the inspection scores of his daughters. This puts him in front of such sires as Hohenstein or Caprimond. His highest standings are for type, trot and overll impression. I know him very well in person and he is a very kind, calm horse with a wonderful work ethic despite the fact that he was not always handled and ridden appropriately (to say it the nice way).

Article published on Miami dam of Michelangelo (Trakehner News in 2002)
Another heartbraking moment was the presentation of the elite mare Miami at age 23. Dam of the approved stallion Miami Vice (by Iglesias), Michelangelo (by Pasteur xx) and Monteverdi (by Partout), this beautiful Matador-daughter had contributed to the breed like not many other mares. She stood still while Monteverdi was ridden around by the excellent Fie Skasoe of the Wiesenhof stud, showing greatest potential for the big dressage world. It was also planned to bring in Michelangelo, but unfortunately (and much to the dispair of his owner, Burgi Erdsiek), Michelangelo was injured. Instead, one of his many outstanding daughters was presented. A wonderful "family picture" and also the moment of celebration for the breeder and owner of Miami, Hans-Peter Heinen. His farm is responsible for outstanding approved stallions such as Kennedy, Michelanglo, Monteverdi, Kronjuwel or Guy Laroche.

Some Dutch articles ...
Michelangelo stamt af van de volbloedhengst Pasteur xx, die ook de vader is van topvererver Mahagoni. Met zijn dressuurindex van 130 staat hij hoog genoteerd. Moeder "Miami" is premie- en staatspremiemerrie en werd onder andere kampioen in Rheinland. Als we verder terug gaan in de moederlijn van Michelangelo komen we de merrie Miramar tegen. Miramar is de volle zus van Mirakel, die de in de KWPN-fokkerij zeer succesvolle Marco Polo bracht.

Van 1991 tot en met 1994 stond Michelangelo in Nederland ter dekking. Veel van zijn KWPN-dochters gooiden hoge ogen op merriekeuringen. Behalve in Nederland is Michelangelo goedgekeurd en zeer geliefd bij de stamboeken van Oldenburg, Hannover en Brandenburg. In 1998 werd de eerste jaargang na zijn terugkeer in Duitsland, voorgesteld op de hengstenkeuring in Neum�nster. E�n van zijn zonen werd uitgeroepen tot reservekampioen en de hengst die kampioen werd is net als Michelangelo een zoon van Miami. Inmiddels heeft Michelangelo de goedgekeurde zonen Kennedy, Hirtenruf, Guy Laroche, Kensington, Michellino, Summetime en meer.

Onder zijn vaste amazone Katrin Lederer loopt de zwarte hengst inmiddels met succes in de Zware Tour dressuur in Duitsland.

Dam line
Mira II x Altan => Miranda x Poet XX => Miramar x Kosmos => Mirabel III x Matador => Miami St.Pr.
Miami x Pasteur XX => approved stallion: Michelangelo (1985)
Miami x Iglesias => Trak. approved stalliom: Miami Vice (1989)
Miami x Partout => Trak. approved stallion: Monteverdi (1996)

Mystik x Loewenherz => Mira II (1940)
Mira II x Absolon => approved stallion: Absolute (1948)
Mira II x Absolon => approved stallion: Oekonom (1951)

Mira II x Altan => Mirakel (1955)
Mirakel x Poet XX => approved stallion (KWPN): Marco Polo (1962)
Mirakel x Abglanz => approved stallion: Morgenglanz (1965)

Mira II x Altan => Miranda x Poet XX => Minette (1957)
Minette x Tropenwald => approved stallion: Trajanus (1963)

Mirakel x Maigraf XX => Mirabel (1960)
Mirabel x Impuls => approved stallion: Mikado (1964)
Mirabel x Impuls => approved stallion: Marcellus (1970)

Mirabel x Impuls => Miranda III (1966)
Miranda III x Tannenberg => approved stallion: Milan (1970)
Miranda III x Gunnar => approved stallion: Mozart (1973)


Pasteur xx

B�rgermeister xx
Harold xx
Dark Ronald xx
Hornisse xx
Bramouse xx
Cappiello xx
Peregrine xx
Praline xx
Ticino xx
Athanasius xx
Terra xx
Pusta xx
Alchimist xxx
Pfalzgrafin xx

Miami /state premium, elite

Donaulied Vom Schimmelhof
Mata Hari
Mirabell II
J Kordel
Poet xx
Miranda (Mira II x Altan) full sister to Mirakel
dam of Marco Polo

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