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Landjonker alias Fruhling by Landadel
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Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)

Landjonker alias Fruhling a top stallion going by charisma, own performance and sire power. Landjonker alias Fruhling began his breeding career in the Netherlands and either won or was higly placed in M- and S-class jumping contests. To date, May 2010, he has sired ten approved sons for Germany and is seen therefore as one of the outstanding Landadel sons in breeding. Landboy won the 2001 Mecklenburger stallion approval, Fighting Alpha was the dominating winner of the Stallion licensing event in Redefin and is parallel to his covering duties internationally successful in jumping under Lars Nieberg. Landjonkers offspring show divers ability with a clear natural ability for jumping, proven clearly through the FN-breeding index. His offspring are highly noble in type and stand out with their fascinating movements. Year over year he sires premium foals and auction foals for many breeding areas. Landjonker, just like his father Landadel is a pure bay breeder - no chestnuts. Landjonkers alias Fruhlings dam line - KWPN breeding family 726 - has produced next to many other top dressage horses the internationally successful Brillant / Beatritz Ferrer-Salat (Spain) as well as the approved sons Avellynus and Aventyno by Argentinus and the winner of the ZfDP approval in Kreuth 2002, Sir Wilson. Currently May 2010 the dam line of Landjonker alias Fruhling produced 23 approved sons. Refer to list provided below.

Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)
Landjonker alias Fruhling
Landadel - Tin Rocco - Manolete XX

Landjonker alias Fruhling
:: Dutch; born May 20, 1987; KWPN approved
:: Dark brown; 171 cm
:: KWPN approved as Fruhling; 87.8108 Stb
:: Oldenburg approved as Landjonker; 33.04627.87 Old
:: Approved for: Oldenburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Rhineland, all southern German associations, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Landjonker in Germany and Fruhling in the Netherlands is a top stallion in personality, performance and by inheritance standards. A top stallion with a radiant presence, an outstanding performance record and a proved breeding record.

Landjonker began his breeding career in the Netherlands under the name of Fruhling where he won or was highly placed in medium to advanced level jumper tests. He has sired more than ten approved sons in Germany so far. Land-Boy won the 2001 Mecklenburg approval, Fighting Alpha was the unsurpassed winner of the stallion performance test in 1994 at Redefin and was internationally successful with Olympic champion, Lars Nieberg.

Other approved sons are: Karnaval, Lassango, Leonardo, Life is Life, Jance, Landcassini, Landius, Landjonker S, Lassango, London, ...

Landjonker left many championship horses and highly prized broodmares in Holland. His offspring are extremely elegant and have fascinating movements. As with his sire, Landadel, Landjonker also produces only dark horses (no chestnuts). According to the FN's Estimated Breeding Value statistics, his off-spring clearly have versatile talents mainly focused on jumping, but there are also striking examples of talented dressage descendants.

Several of Landjonker's daughters have received State Premium. His off-spring are extremely noble and have fascinating movement sequences. He has presented a large number of premium foals and high priced candidates at the foal auctions in Vechta and Verden and he is continuing presenting premium and auction foals in several breeding areas yearly.

Striking examples of succesful dressage horses decending from Landjonker daughters are the international dressage horeses Chatham Park Jac (Jazz x Kind of Magic-Landjonker) and Jive Magic (Jazz x Kind of Magic-Landjonker). Just Royal Dancer (Jazz x Kerginia-Landjonker) reached the world championship finals for young dressage horses at Verden Germany and Rozalma (Jazz x Jelma-Landjonker) reached the PAVO CUP finals for young dressage tallents in the Netherlands.

Several other Jazz-Landjonker combinations successful in the dressage arena proved that this blood-cross is very interesting for Jazz dressage-blood breeders.

Not amazing that Landjonker blood proved to be successful in dressage breeding as well. His dam line also produced the internationally successful dressage horse, Brillant/Beatriz Ferrer-Salat (Spain) and the approved Argentinus sons, Avellynus and Aventyno and most recently, Sir Wilson, the winner of the 2002 ZfDP approval in Kreuth.

The information below (in German) was copied from das 2000 Jahrbuch Der Hengste.

Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)
Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)

Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)
Landjonker alias Fruhling

Top stallion after radiation, own performance and bequeathing. Landjonker started his breeding in the Netherlands under the name Spring and he was winner or been placed hig in M- and S-jumping.

Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)
From the first years he puts three awarded sons, Lassango, Life is Life and Fighting Alpha, for Germany. Fighting Alpha was 1994 superior winner of the stallion performance test in Redefin. He is prepared by Olympic champion Lars Nieberg for higher sporting tasks in the meantime. Life is Life belongs to the top group in Munich. Landjonker's son La Voisier absolved his brilliant Korung in Austria. Another son of Landjonkers got an overall grade of 123 points at his Kurung 1995. He covers in Austria today. Lugato of Landjonker/Weltmeyer was selected for breeding purposes in Austria on 4-12-1999. The son Karnaval became awarded in the Netherlands. Several championship horses and high awarded daughters look after sensation in Holland. Also Jinette, which was shown in 1996 as best mare of the four to seven-year-old. The after-breeding is high noble and has a fascinating movement expiry. Landjonker is homozygously dark (no foxes) like his father Landjonker Several Landjonker children are in education at leading rider like Jan Tops and Erniel Hendrix. Landjonker put several awarded foals from the first years in Germany and highly paid candidates for all Foal auctions in Vechta and Verden. The stud farm Ammerland has acquire a male foal of Landjonkers from the full sister of the international top jumper Cat Ballou (of Carprilli-Zeus). The father Landadel, even HLP-winner in Medingen 1985, advanced within less years to a pistil-stallion of indescribable quality. The Holsteiner, which left too early in 1996, delivered four breeding purposes winners in Oldenburg and top mares and top auctionhorses, as well as athlete for all disciplines. The mother Griselda gave birth to a full sister of Landjonker with La Belle and for her part La Belle gave birth to the auction horse Regal Dancer. In the compact centime Frels (v. fine-fire) brought Griselda a many-heeded stallion-son on the occasion of the HLP in minster-urine-village 1996. The family of the Gritterke brought among others also the granulated Argentinus-Sohne Aventynos, stud farm Zangersheide, and Avellynus as well as him/it whole-wheat xx-Nachwuchs vital. The mother-father of Tin Rocco was a Holsteiner stallion, that over big athletic own-successes in heavy jumping access into the Oldenburger and later also into the Holsteiner breeding has found.

Landjonker has proven to be a real inheriter in all disciplines. The genes of the proven quality thoroughbred Manolete xx in the third generation certainly contribute to Landjonker's breeding succeses. Landjonker is a KWPN and Oldenburg approved stallion and he is recognized by nearly all German studbooks as well as the Austria and Switzerland studbook.

Landjonker alias Fruhling (Landadel x Tin Rocco x Manolete XX)
Landjonker alias Fruhling

Reference: Above picture and text below were copied from 'The Leading Stallions of the Netherlands' 1994/1995 by Jacob Melissen.

Dutch version:

Fruhling's vader Landadel is een zoon van de wereldberoemde Holsteiner springpaardenleverancier Landgraf I. land adel was in 1085 de verrichtingskampioen in Medingen en neemt met 143 punten de zevende plaats in op de springindex in groep 1. Enkele nakomelingen van Landadel wisten door te dringen tot de finale van het Bondskampioenschap in Duitsland, terwijl ook kinderen voor veel geld van eigenaar verwisselden tijdens de veilingen van Vecta en de PSI-veiling van Paul Schockemuhle. Daarbij ging het in een aantal gevallen om zeer getalenteerde dressuurpaarden. Landadel's grootvader aan moederskant is de gewaardeerde Holsteiner Farnesse, die onder andere de vader is van het internationale springpaard Farmer, dat onder Franke Soothaak furore heeft gemaakt.

Fruhling's moeder Griselda staat omschreven als een merrie met veel ras en kwaliteit. Zij is een dochter van de veelzijdige Tin Rocco, die in de springsport tot en met de klasse S heeft gelopen. Zijn fokwaardeschatting van 124 punten voor het springen en 122 voor de dressuur geeft wel aan dat Tin Rocco met recht een veelzijdige vererver mag worden genoemd. Een van zijn bekenste kinderen is het Olympiade-paard Let's Go, dat werd aangekocht door Bollvorm en momenteel onder Roelof Bril uitkomt. Verder in het pedigree van Fruhling vinden we de volbloed Manolete xx, die als veredelaar zeer invloedrijk is geweest in Oldenburg.

Eigen prestatie:
In 1990 werd Fruhling in Oldenburg goedgekeurd onder de naam landjonker en in 1993 werd hij erkend door alle Zuid-Duitse fokgebeiden. Fruhling sloot zijn Nederlandse verrichtingsexamen in 1990 met een uitstekende cijferreeks af en bezette de zevende plaats. Voor zijn galop kreeg de zwartbruine hengst een 8.5 van de jury, zijn draf werd met een 7 gewaardeerd en zijn stap was goed voor een 7.5. Fruhling beschikt over elastische bewegingen en bij het springen toont hij veel vermogen en ruim voldoende techniek. Fruhling heeft niet alleen aanleg als dressuurpaard, maar overtuigt ook bij het springen. Hij behaalde in de hengstencompetitie 1992/1993 in de categorie B springen een uitstekende zevende plaats onder Henk van de Pol.

Fruhling's veulens werden omschreven als rijtypisch met ras en adel. In beweging wisten zij zich prima te presenteren, waarbij het achterbeen goed werd ondergebracht en er sprake was van een mooie oprichting. Zijn inmiddels 2-jarige kinderen blijken over zeer goede springmanieren te bechikken.

English version:

Fruhling's sire Landadel is a son of the renowned Holsteiner producer of jumpers Landgraf I. Landadel was the 1985 champion of the stallion test in Medingen and stands in seventh place of the jumping index with 143 points. Several of Landadel's off-spring showed their skill in the finals of the Bundeschampionat in Germany, and other Landadel progeny (some of them being very talented dressage horses) were sold at high prices at the Vecta auction and the PSI-auctions organised by Paul Schockemuhle. Grandsire of Landadel on the dam's side is the highly appreciated Holsteiner Farnesse, who sired the international jumper Farmer, so well shown by Franke Sloothaak.

Fruhling's dam Griselda /hauptstutbuch mare was decribed as a quality mare with a lot of blood expression. Griselda is by the versatile stallion Tin Rocco who competed at international show jumping.

Tin Rocco (Tin Rod XX x Roman x Meiseterscheuler I x Heinitz x Nordwind x First x Kuerassier x Magier x Milon) Tin Rocco (Tin Rod XX x Roman x Meiseterscheuler I x Heinitz x Nordwind x First x Kuerassier x Magier x Milon) Tin Rocco (Tin Rod XX x Roman x Meiseterscheuler I x Heinitz x Nordwind x First x Kuerassier x Magier x Milon)
Tin Rocco
(Tin Rod XX x Roman)

Tin Rocco, 1970 Dark Brown, 169cm Holsteiner Stamm 2165-2. [214777670]. (DE). Won ten conformation tests. Won the Preis von Blankenesse in Hamburg-Klein Flottbek (derby show). Successful advanced jumper (i.e. winner of the GP of Hamburg). Offspring incl. showjumpers (Let's Go [riders Roelof Bril/Peter Leone] and Tin Tessio), dressage horses and eventers. Via the dam side Tin Rocco stamps his offspring with genes allowing them to perform on the highest level. Examples of show jumping toppers are: Chipie van de Helle (v. Caretino x Tin Rocco) rider Christof Kleeren and Quadrillo (v. Quidam De Revel x Tin Rocco) rider Yves Vanderhasselt. Examples of dressage toppers are: Sir Bedo (Sandro Hit xTin Rocco xx) rider Alexandra Simons-de Ridder, Sir Oldenburg (Sion x Contender x Tin Rocco xx) rider Heiko Klausing en Amsterdam (Argentinus X Tin Rocco xx) rider Sjoukje van Kooten.

Another phrase on Tin Rocco of which part is already mentioned above. Tin Rocco, who won ten conformation tests as a three year old and competed in Grand Prix jumping winning the Preis Von Blankenesse in Hamburg/Klein Flottbek (Derby Show). Of Tin Rocco's approved sons, Traumtanzer won the stallion performance test in the USA and Torero was his best winning dressage horse in 1990. His highly awarded St. Pr. daughter Gutena represented him successfully at the German show in Verden in 1990. His son Tie Break was in the finals of the 1988 German Show Jumping Championships and in 1990, he won a test at the German event horse championships. In the 1990 FN breeding statistics Tin Rocco leads as the most successful sire of event horses of his age group.

Tin Rocco's sire, Tin Rod XX (Tin Whistle XX), was a grey English TB of large frame and excellent movement.

Tin Rod XX (Tin Whistle XX)
Tin Rod XX
(Tin Whistle XX x Auralia XX)

He produced approved stallions and very valuable mares including the dam of Landlord (Olympic horse 1988) and Lausbub (international show jumper).

The dam of Tin Rocco Bajade by Roman (Ramzes X) is also the dam of the licensed stallions Lord Roman and Lux.

Roman (Ramzes X x Monarch)
(Ramzes X x Monarch)

Roman was winner of the 1.60m jumping competitions and represented the Holsteiner Verband during the DLG-Show. You can find his precious blood in many pedigrees, he has bred a lot of stallion's dams.

Tin Rocco's breeding figures of 124 for showjumping and 122 for dressage proves that he was a genuinely versatile progenitor. One of the most famous children of Tin Rocco is the Olympic horse Let's Go, which was acquired by Bollvorm and was jumping under Roelof Bril. Further back in Fruhling's pedigree we find Manolete xx, who was a very influential upgrader in Oldenburg.

The thoroughbred Manolette xx was a producer of very good sport horses in both dressage and show jumping. Two of his sons were the most successful Oldenburg sport horses in 1972..1973 Monsum and Mario in 1976.

Manolete XX: in the third generation of Landjonker alias Fruhling appears several times in the dam line of famous stallions:

1) Manolete XX is the sire of Kateja /St.Pr.St. dam of the great eventing horse Volturno (s.Vollkorn XX), winner of 2 Olympic silver medals and a silver medal at the 1978 World Championships in Lexington.

2) Manolete XX is the sire of Kateja /St.Pr.St. also dam of Kateja III /St.Pr.St. (s.Vollkorn) which is dam of Titus (s.Tiro). Other descendants of Kateja III are the approved stallions Feinglanz (s.Feinbrand) and Sunday Boy (s.Silvio I).

3) Manolete XX is the sire of Kateja /St.Pr.St. also dam of Katlaya (s.Thymian XX). Katlaya is dam of Kalla /St.Pr.St. which produced the approved stallions Landchampion (s.Landcaptitol) and Le Champion (s.Landadel). Also Del Rio (s.De Niro) is a descendant of this dam line. Notice that both Le Champion and Landjonker alias Fruhling have Manolete XX in their dam line and Landadel as their sire. What a coincidence that the beautiful Oldenburg approved stallion Laitin is the result of the cross-breeding Le Champion (s.Landadel) x Argus (s.Pion). Exciting to see here a successful combination of Landadel and Argus bloodlines.
Argus is sire of our Z1 dressage and breeding mare Nayade STV which is on her turn dam of our very successful elite mare Vayade VDW. Exciting as this entire web page was developed because of our decision to cross Vayade VDW to Landjonker alias Fruhling (s.Landadel).

4) Finally Manolete XX is the sire of Markus which is on his turn sire of Ninette dam of the great Donnerhall (s.Donnerwetter) world wide known as the producer of top dressage horses and producer of 77 approved sons.

Approved stallions out of the dam line (*) of Landjonker alias Fruhling.
(*) KWPN breeding family 726

25) My Tender s.Montender / Westfalen (born: 2008)
24) Cornetto s.Cornet Obelensky / BWP (Belgium Warmblood) (born: 2007)
23) Qualito De Lux s.Quality / CH (Swiss Warmblood) (born: 2007)
22) Fahrenheit s.Fidertanz / Hann DE43.13108.266.07 Hannover (born: 2007)
21) World's Maximum s.World Dancer / Zfdp (Zuchtverband fur Deutsche Pferde) (born: 2006)
20) Wardenburger s.World Dancer / Zfdp (Zuchtverband fur Deutsche Pferde) (born: 2005)
19) Baltimore s.Balou Du Rouet / SWB DE41.81814.7288.04 (Swedish Warmblood) (born: 2004)
18) Rolex s.Ron William / SWB DE43.33303.888.03 (Swedish Warmblood) (born: 2003)
17) Sir Sunshine s.Sunny Boy / Zfdp (Zuchtverband fur Deutsche Pferde) (born: 2001)
16) Sir Willson s.Sandro Hit / Old, Berl-Brandenb, Mecklenburg (born: 1999)
15) Avelynnus s.Argentinus / Old 33.074.8892 Oldenburg (born: 1992)
14) Aventyno Z s.Argentinus / Old 33.077.1991 Oldenburg (born: 1991)
13) Gervannus s.Grannus / Old, Berl-Brandenb, Mecklenburg (born: 1990)
12) Landjonker alias Fruhling s.Landadel / KWPN 87.8108 KWPN, Old, Hann, Rheinl, Bayern, etc. (born: 1987)
11) Vital s.Vollkorn XX / Old DE33.33304.392.68 (born: 1968)
10) Leander s.Lord / Old 33.04161.54 (born: 1954)
9) Fabrikant s.Feiner Kerl I / DOA - Danish Oldenburg (born: 1950)
8) Oswin s.Ordensritter / Old 33.04010.47 (born: 1942)
7) Der Oldenburger (premiehengst) s.Godin / Old 33.03629.35 Old; NWP, Sgrt. (born: 1937)
6) Graditz s.Grunold / Old 33.03465.28 (born: 1928)
5) Grundstein s.Grunold / Oldenburg (born: 1927)
4) Gallwitz s.Gideon / Old 33.03239.19 (born: 1919)
3) Hellwig s.Ebenholz / Oldenburg (born: 1915 / standing: 1918..31)
2) Brennus (Castro 231 GRPS) s.Essex / Old 151 NSTg, GrPS, NSTg (born: 1914)
1) Boduin s.Botho / Oldenburg (born: 1900)

In 1990 Fruhling, under the name Landjonker, was approved in Olderburg and in 1993 his approval was extended for all of Germany's southern breeding areas. Fruhling finished his performance test in the Netherlands in 1990 with a good set of marks and finished seventh place of is year. For his canter the dark bay stallion was awarded 8.5 by the jury; his trot was awarded mark 7 and his walk the mark 7.5. Fruhling showed elastic movements and gave his rider a comfortable feeling. During his jumping he showed excellent power and functional technique. Fruhling thus showed both talent for dressage as well as for jumping. In the 1992/1993 Natioanl Stallion Competition Fruhling finished in an excellent seventh place of the B-category with Henk van de Pol.

Fruhling's foals were described as of good type, with much quality and blood expression. They really show their movements, the hindlegs placed well underneath the body and the front well elevated. His first off-spring, being 2-years-old, showed a lot of jumping power with good technique.

Jazz x Landjonker alias Fruhling appeared to be a successful combination.

The full brothers Jive Magic (PSG, Australia) and Chatham Park Jac (Int Dressage) both by the keur/preferent KWPN GP stalion Jazz are out of a Landjonker alias Fruhling dam. However, there appear to be more striking dressage horses having this blood cross according an article in IDS of May 11, 2006. Then there were 16 Jazz x Landjonker alias Fruhling registered at the KWPN studbook. Six of them not yet 4 years old and thus to young to compete in sport. Of the other 10 older than 4 years old 7 of them are competing 3rd level dressage or higher. See below.

1: Unique (Jazz x Lavendel /Ster - Landjonker alias Fruhling); Z1/3rd level dressage
2: Razz alias Chatham Park Jac (Jazz x Kind of Magic /prest - Landjonker alias Fruhling); Int dressage
3: Roselma / ster (Jazz x Jelma - Landjonker alias Fruhling); PAVO finals 2003
4: Just Royal Dancer (Jazz x Kerginia /keur, pref - Landjonker alias Fruhling); Z2/4th level dressage and WK-Verden finals 2004
5: Paulina /keur, sport (dres) (Jazz x Karolientje - Landjonker alias Fruhling); Z2/4th level dressage
6: Opus alias Jive Migic (Jazz x Kind of Magic /prest - Landjonker alias Fruhling); PSG dressage, Australia
7: Ojazzy /elite (Jazz x Jamilla - Landjonker alias Fruhling); Z1/3td level dressage

Above successful Jazz - Fruhling crossing combinations, the very interesting Fruhling bloodlines (including the atractive Amor ancestry as per pedigree below.), his long-lined uphill build exterior, his blood expression, his hardness showing at the age of 21 years old, his own performance record, amor ancestors in his bloodline and the fact that the stud De Dalhoeve brought Fruhling back to the Netherlands made us decide to cross Landjonker alias Fruhling to our very successful elite mare Vayade VDW (Jazz x Nayade STV - Argus x Uniform x Eros), descendant from the dam line of the KWPN approved stallion Variant. Mid June 2009 we will see the actual result of our breeding reasoning and decision. Very exciting!

For the amazing result ... see the page of his daughter Ediyade VDW

The dam line of the elite mare Vayade VDW traces back on Hestia 12.280hbSgldt, the foundation mare of the KWPN performance breeding family 236. This bloodline has already produced several KWPN approved stallions. I.e. Variant, Ulster, Elegant, Guelderson (UK), Monarch and Organist. In the summer of 2002 a son (by Donnerhall) out of Diamant STV was appointed for and went to the KWPN stallion performance test at Ermelo. Diamant STV is a full sister to Jade STV, granddam of Vayade VDW.

sire: (1.70m)

Holstein stamm 1859
21.00959.82Stb / Holst

Landgraf I
21.03919.66Stb / Holst
Ladykiller XX
21.03847.61Stb / Holst
Sailing Light XX
Lone Beech XX
H 21.03209.03Stb / Holst
Aldato s.Anblick XX
3776Stb / Holst
Schneenelke s.Fangball
H 2845Stb / Holst
Novella /St.Pr.St. hauptstutbuch
1.70 m
H 21.03720.76Stb / Holst
21.03804.60Stb / Holst
3707Stb / Holst
Annelies /hauptstutbuch
s.Loretto dam sire of Amor
H 253Stb / Holst
XX percentage: 75.78%
H 21.04771.03Stb / Holst
Ladykiller XX
21.03847.61Stb / Holst
Optima /hauptstutbuch
s.Gauner XX
sire of dam sire: Lorbeer sire of Loretto
H 1955 / Holst
dam: (1.62m)

Griselda /hauptstutbuch
H 33.05496.81Stb / Old
breeding family 726

dam sire: (1.70m)

Tin Rocco /GP
21.47776.70Stb / Holst
Also Oldenburg approved
Competed on Int. GP Showjumping

Tin Rod XX
(1.69m) 21.03938.64Stb / Holst
Tin Whistle XX
The Rod XX
21.63915.65Stb / Holst
Roman s.Ramzes
3914Stb / Holst
s.Meisterschueler I
H 870Stb / Holst
Grittisa /St.Pr.St.
H 33.83861.65Stb / Old
Manolete XX
33.04247.55Stb / Old
Asterios XX
Malta XX
Gritterke V
H 33.77891.51Stb / Old
Lord s.Lutz
3962Stb / Oldenb
Gritterke H s.Grundus
H 65077Stb / Old
traces back to foundation mare Glanzgold
33.02815.85Stb / Old (1885)

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