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Jade STV keur by Uniform preferent
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Uniform x Eros x Centurio
Jade STV was bred and raised by the well known dressage farm STV (Stoeterij 't Vierspan) at Handel in the Netherlands. She was born July 11th 1991 and as a 3-year old purchased by DHS (Dancing Horses Stables) in September 1994. Then, already in foal of Uniform/pref, Jade STV was moved to her DHS stable at Merselo, in the Netherlands. On June 12th 1995 she gave birth to her 1st foal Nayade STV then still property of STV. Nayade STV stayed at DHS until she was seperated from her dam and moved to STV end of 1995. Jade gave birth to another 3 foals, Romulus DHS, full brother to Nayade STV, Saturnia DHS and Titania DHS. Unfortunately Titania DHS died two months after her mother Jade STV died all at a sudden on a fatal collic attack at an age of only 9 years old in the year 2000.

Nayade STV's full brother Romulus DHS-Argus ranked 2nd of all presented foals during the KWPN foal inspection at Sevenum. As a foal Romulus DHS was purchased by STV to get raised and trained thereafter.

- On April 12th 1996 Jade STV was registered in the KWPN studbook with rating: conformation-72, movement-77 and general impression-75.
- The scores of Jade STV during her EPTM-test at Deurne in December 1995 were: step-8, trot-8, canter-8, riding-8, jumping under saddle-6.5, free jumping-6.5, character-8, stable behavior-9 and training report-8.
- Jade STV ranked 93rd on the KWPN TOP-250 of best promissing dressage breeding mares in 2006/2007 with index 162/50%.
- At DHS Jade STV was trained and competing at M-level dressage when she got a collic attack and died all at a sudden on July 30th 2000.

Jade STV's sire is the well known Uniform. Uniform received the 'preferent'-predicate that is awarded by the KWPN very rare to their stallions that have proven to produce performance offspring repeatedly. Many children of Uniform perform at the highest level of dressage, nationally as well as internationally.

Jade STV's damsire is Eros/keur-Amor/pref. Eros is a descendant of the famous Palburga-I family. This KWPN family nr 60 ranks 6th on the KWPN index for performance breeding bloodlines. All offspring of Eros display talent for dressage and this stallion was frequently used by STV for breeding. Eros is the sire of 2 of STV's foundation mares Lilium/keur, pref, prest (dam of Variant) and Liris/keur, pref, prest (dam of Uniform). STV's 3rd foundation mare Monique/keur, pref, prest (by Galopin) was crossed with Eros and procuded Unia/keur, pref and is granddam of the eye catching grey KWPN approved Grand Prix stallion Junior STV (Uniform x Variant x Eros).

Dam of Jade STV is the well known mare Lilium/keur, pref, prest. Lilium one of the 3 foundation mares of STV and she is dam of Variant and through Variant granddam of Junior STV (Uniform) and Negro (by Ferro).

Two other performing daughters of Lilium are Diamant STV/keur, pref, prest, sport (dres) (by Uniform), full sister to Jade STV, and Tamonia STV/ster, prest (by Afrikaner xx), full sister to Variant. Furthermore Lilium brought two other sons, Goodluck STV and Briljant (both by Uniform), that reached 2nd round of the KWPN stallion selection. Diamant STV produced Mozaiek STV (Iglesias) who was selected for the World Championship of young dressage horses at Arnhem in 1999. Tamonia produced Hattrick (Uniform) and Jerssey (Uniform) both performing on national dressage level.

Dam line of Jade STV goes back on Hestia 12.280hbSgldt, the foundation mare of the KWPN performance breeding family 236. This bloodline has already produced several KWPN approved stallions. I.e. Variant, Ulster, Elegant, Guelderson (UK), Monarch and Organist. In the summer of 2002 a son (Donnerhall) of Diamant STV was appointed for the KWPN stallion performance test at Ermelo.

sire: (1.71 m)

Uniform /pref, PSG
Competed on PSG under Anky van Grunsven

Wahtamin xx
I Say xx /keur
Sayajirao xx
Isetta xx
Miss Rhona xx
Neron xx
Lady Rhona xx
Liris /keur, 2x pref, 2x prest
Eros /keur
Amor /pref
1196Sgldt / Holstein
Areina /kroon, pref
Dutch warmblood
Dutch warmblood

Lilium /keur, 2x pref, prest
Dam of KWPN approved PSG stallion Variant

Eros /keur
Amor /pref
1196Sgldt / Holstein
3704 Holstein
53.198 Holstein
Areina /kroon, pref
Nureina /ster
L'Invasion /pref
Sgldt / SF
Romuta /kroon, pref, kern
Bransje /ster
Puck /kroon, pref

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De Dalhoeve
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