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News on Nayade STV

----- January, 2004
Last year Nayade STV had quite some bad luck. She got injured for a long while and lost her beautiful 5-months-old filly Willyade VDW in an accident. Since a couple of months she is recovering very possively in sport and therefor we have decided not to breed her this year so that she can fully focus on her sport carrier.

----- February 21, 2004
Nayade STV finished 2 times first (score: 161 points= 62.89% and 170 points= 66.41%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands.

----- March 6, 2004
Nayade STV finished 2 times 2nd (score: 160 points= 62.50% and 163 points= 63.67%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands.

----- March 27, 2004
Nayade STV finished 1 time first (score: 163 points= 63.67%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands.

----- April 24, 2004
Nayade STV finished 2 times second (score: 161 points= 62.89% and 156 points= 60.00%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands. The combination is now allowed to start Z1 dressage competition, but will first remain working on further improvement at M2 level the coming few months.

----- May 20, 2004
Today, May 20, 2004, we have decided to breed Nayade STV to OO Seven this year. One of the reasons is that we were really impressed by the OO Seven's we saw at the STV auction on 16 and 18 May. The most impressive one was the 3 years old black stallion Unreal out of Punica STV (Argus x Kunia STV by Variant x Gunia STV by Uniform x Unia by Eros x Monic by Galopin). He was sold at 26.000 Euro. Also two other OO Seven's were sold; the stallion Ufano STV (out of Pretoria by Highness x Doria STV by Variant x Unia by Eros) and the mare Up Seven STV (out of Niniek STV by Jazz x Faniek by Variant x Boniek STV by Uniform x Monic by Galopin). They were sold for 12.000 Euro and 24.000 Euro respectively. All three were excellent movers having beautiful exterior and proved that OO Seven and STV horses perfectly match. One other important reason is that we cannot wait any longer to have a successor of Willyade VDW which we regretfully lost last year.

----- May 29, 2004
Nayade STV finished 3rd and 4th (score: 164 points= 63.08% and 161 points= 62.89%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands.

----- May 30, 2004
Today we have visited the most interesting Pinksterclinics at Accademy Bartels whereby they presented the stallions Jazz, UB-40, OO-Seven and Lancet. Of course Jazz was most impressive, but the exterior and movement showing so much power from the hindlegs of UB-40 was such thrilling that we cannot resist the desire to breed Nayade STV to this amazing UB40 this year. OO-Seven also showed himself in a very positive manner and he will certainly be one of our favorit stallions to breed to next year

----- May 31, 2004
Nayade STV finished 3rd (score: 158 points= 60.77%) in the M2 dressage competition at Waspik, The Netherlands.

----- June 8, 2004
Today Nayade STV is bred to UB-40 (De Dalhoeve, The Netherlands).

----- June 25, 2004
Today Nayade STV was scanned and she is now in foal to UB-40. If everything goes well the UB-40 foal will be born beginning of May 2005.

----- June 26, 2004
Joyce van der Wiel and Nayade STV are in training for Z1 dressage level. This training goes well and they are planning to have their 1st Z1 competition coming end of July.

----- September 6, 2004
This morning Nayade STV was scanned at the Dalhoeve and she appeared to be in foal of UB40 for 3 months now. If everything remains okay Nayade STV will give birth to the little UB40 end of April 2005. We are very curious ...

----- December 19, 2004
Nayade STV is doing well, in sport as well as in pregnancy. She competed a couple of times on Z1 level whereby she scored nearly 60% (178 pnts= 59,33%). Due to her pregnancy we have withdrawn her now from competition since end of October and we expect her to be back in competition end of June 2005. Nayade STV is now nearly 7 months in foal and shows this clearly. In order to preserve Nayade's condition our daughter Joyce will keep her in an addapted training schedule till the foal is born by the end of April. Two weeks later the training will be resumed again.

----- December 23, 2005
End of August colt Ariyade VDW was seperated from his mother Nayade STV. During raising her son the dressage training was kept at a low level as it took Nayade quiet some energy to raise her son. Since end of August Nayade STV is being trained on Z-level dressage again. She is showing good progress and in particular her collection is very impressive.

----- May 13, 2006
Nayade STV (and not to forget her Amazon Joyce van de Wiel) is still progressing well on Z-level dressage training. If the combination keeps progressing this way they will resume competation soon. Further progress and resuls will be provided here.
In the mean time we have also decided to breed Nayade STV to Jazz again this year. Her keur elite daughter Vayade VDW by Jazz is doing great in all respects that we cannot resist to breed another Jazz out of her dam Nayade STV.

----- May 21, 2006
Today Nayade STV is bred to Jazz /keur (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref) again. This breeding service was delivered by De Dalhoeve, The Netherlands.

----- June 14, 2006
Nayade STV was scanned and found not in foal last week. Today she is bred again to Jazz /keur (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). We will wait and see if she gets in foal this time.

----- June 29, 2006
Today Nayade STV was scanned and found in foal to Jazz /keur, elite (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). Very exiting and we are anxious to welcome the new born Jazz x Argus sometime May 14, 2007.

----- May 13, 2007
Today Nayade STV gave birth to the colt Ciyade VDW by Jazz /keur, preferent (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). Our first assessment is that Ciyade VDW is the best one Nayade STV delivered till now. He is not just wonderful, he is really very special!!!

----- June 30, 2007
Today Nayade STV was scanned and found in foal to Jazz /keur, elite (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). The three Jazz offspring till now Vayade VDW, Willyade VDW and Ciyade VDW have proven that the cross Nayade STV x Jazz /keur, elite is an excellent one. Hopefully the fourth one (Divayade VDW) will prove this again. Very exiting and we are again anxious to welcome the new born Jazz x Argus sometime May 13, 2008.

----- Oct 13, 2007
Today Nayade STV and her foal Ciyade VDW (sire: Jazz /keur, preferent) were sperated. As she is in foal again from the GP stallion Jazz for 4 months now we have decided not to take up dressage training again and allow her a well deserved recovery time till mid May 2008 the moment she will be delivering her next offspring. Together with quite some other mares she is grazing acres of meadow at the 'De Beemdhoeve' properties of Jan Kemps in Helvoirt The Netherlands.

----- May 11, 2008
Today Nayade STV gave birth to the filly Divayade VDW by Jazz /keur, preferent (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). We are very happy with this striking long legged mare foal Divayade VDW. At birth she is 107 cm and that is approx. 5 cm taller than her full sister the elite mare Vayade VDW which is now 1.70m at 6 years old.

----- June 7, 2008
Today Nayade STV was scanned and found in foal to Jazz /keur, elite (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref). Again very exiting and we are anxious to welcome the new born Jazz x Argus sometime April 22, 2009.

News on Vayade VDW

----- February 14, 2004
Today it is exactly 2 years ago that Vayade VDW was born. As a 2-years-old she is sizy, lovely and beautiful!

----- May 5, 2004
Last week the group young of horses to which Vayade VDW belong to was moved from the stable to the fresh meadows. Of course we were very anxious to see her moving outside after a period of almost 6 months. Wow !!! Vayade is a real beautiful 2-years-old mare. Tall, long lined, nice head and eye, good legs and feet, strong back and loins, well developed and positioned fore and back hand, wonderful dispositions, inquisitive and friendly. Although she is a Jazz her expression and presentation are very similar to her mother's Nayade STV. We really hope that Vayade VDW keeps developing the way she did over the past 2 years ... Coming weeks I will get pictures of her and get them available on this site.

----- May 15, 2004
As I have promised earlier new pictures of Vayade VDW have been published on this site. Curious? Then quickly look at the new pictures of Vayade VDW
I am very anxious to learn your opinion!

----- October 23, 2004
Today the herd of horses to which Vayade VDW belongs to was moved from the large green meadows to the sheltered winter accomodation. Rather than leaving her there growing up till spring next year we have decided that Vayade VDW will be moved to her dam's accomodation coming Thursday. She will be occupying a box next to her dam Nayade STV. We are ver curious if dam and daughter still recognise each other after 2+ years of seperation.

----- December 19, 2004
Friday October 29th, 2004 Vayade VDW was moved to her dam's location and it seemed that they did not recognize each other. Loading onto and unloading from the trailor went reasonably easy and Vayade VDW behaved well during the 1-hours transportation to her new accommodation.
Before she went into her new stable we walked around a little bit to let her become familiar with the new stable's surroundings. As it is always very quiet on Saturday evenings I took the opportunity to familiarize Vayade VDW with all the rest of the stable's facilities. I was expecting her to be nervous and stressed but nothing was less true. Vayade VDW is a fantastic cold-blooded mare, curious, fast learner and easy going. She is all but the sensible nervous horse that horse experts warned us for because of the Jazz blood!

Vayade VDW is an affectionate horse, long lined and legged with fantastic exterior and 3 very good gaits. Her size is now 1.66 m and we expect her to become the same size as her dam Nayade STV (1.71 m). Vayade VDW and her full sister Willyade VDW have proven that crossing Jazz (Cocktail x Ulster-has foundation dam Hestia in common with Nayade STV x Amor) with Nayade STV (Argus x Uniform x Eros-Amor) gives the horses a dressage breeder can only dream of. Although Nayade VSTV is now in foal of UB 40 (Olivi-Jazz x Michelangelo x Farn) and we expect a beautifull youngster we are planning the breed her next time to Jazz again!

----- Januari 18, 2006
Year 2005 was a wonderful year for the keur and Elite mare VayadeVayade VDW. On Januari 18, 2006 The Dutch horse newpaper 'De Paardenkrant' published a nice 2005 summary article on Vayade VDW.
Refer Vayade VDW for more information and picturs.

----- May 13, 2006
Vayade VDW is making good progress under saddle. She likes the work very well and appears to be very intelligent in learning dressage. She is trained 3 times a weeks for approximately 30 minutes.
Also their type is developing further in a positive sense. She is becoming a real horse in appearance now. We have decided to further progress in sport first and wait breeding her for the time being at least till next year..

----- July 9, 2006
Today Vayade VDW is bred to OO-Seven. If everything goes well there will be a new born foal with the very interesting sports blood line OO-Seven (GP) x Jazz (GP) x Argus (GP) x Uniform (Prix St George).
The basis for all this 4 overwelming performance stallions in a row is one of the 3 famous three STV foundation mares Lilium /keur, pref, prest by Eros /keur by Amor/pref. It is now in the hands of mother nature and we will have to wait till beginning of June 2007 to see the result. Will this promising cross be in line with our breeder's fantasy?

----- July 20, 2006
The combination Vayade VDW (Jazz x Argus) and Saskia van Leukens-Coumans performed sufficient during the PAVO selections to receive a ticket for the PAVO semi finals at Ermelo on August 15th. This is an excelent achievement given the fact that this combination was established only just over 2 weeks before the PAVO selections of July 20, 2006 took place.
Initially Joyce van de Wiel (trained by Saskia) was planning to present Vayade VDW herself at the PAVO cup selections but last minute she changed her mind and asked Saskia if she was willing to take over. Fortunately she agreed and succeeded! Vayade VDW will now remain in training with Saskia till the PAVO cup semi finals mid of August.
Saskia runs her own dressage stable in the south of The Netherlands since many years and is currently located in the nice village Vinkel near 's-Hertogenbosch.

----- July 29, 2006
This morning it was confirmed that Vayade VDW is in foal of OO-Seven (sire: Rubinstein I). Very exiting and we are anxious to welcome the new born OO-Seven x Jazz x Argus sometime June 13, 2007.

----- August 15, 2006
Vayade VDW made an enorm progress since she received a ticket for the PAVO semi finals. The combination Vayade VDW and her rider Saskia Leuken-Coumans scored 71 points, an increase of 4 points compared to the 67 points scored at the PAVO selections. Taken only the PAVO mares into account and the points received at the semi final as well as the points received at the finals they improved position from 15 to 8 and finally to 5 of all 4-years PAVO 2006 mares. This position progression of 10 is really an achievement for which we want to thank Saskia who did her job as a real committed professional!

----- January 28, 2007
Unfortunately Vayade VDW appeared not to be infoal with OO-Seven anymore. She was just inseminated in the PAVO CUP period and that may have caused this fact.
When discovering this fact we considered the option of picking up and continue the training as done for the PAVO CUP.
Since October 2006 she is now in training again with Saskia Leuken-Coumans. Saskia is training her and will focus on the 2007 PAVO CUP for the 5-years. So far Vayade VDW is doing great and Saskia is very happy with her. We have decided to not breed Vayade VDW this 2007 year allowing Saskia to work with Vayade VDW without interruption from our side.
The progression of the combination will be reported here regularly.

----- May 13, 2007
Today Saskia Leuken-Coumans transferred the further care and training of Vayade VDW to the couple Remco Zuidam and Floor Dr�ge. See bullet 9 on Vayade VDW

----- July 07, 2007
After approx. 2 months at Zuidam Stables Vayade VDW is doing great. Each two weeks visit till now we observed a clear progress and think she is ready for the PAVO CUP selection coming week at Ermelo. Hope she will be selected for the semi finals in August.

----- July 12, 2007
Thanks to the professional and talented couple Remco Zuidam and Floor Dr�ge Vayade VDW received her ticket for the 5-year's PAVO CUP semi finals. The PAVO CUP selection took place during the Gelderland CK at Ermelo on July 12 2007.

----- August 15 and 16, 2007
The couple Remco Zuidam and Floor Dr�ge managed delivering fantastic results with Vayade VDW.
At the PAVO CUP semi finals the score was an amazing 75 points, sufficient to receive a ticket for the PAVO CUP finals.
The fantastic performance delivered at the PAVO CUP finals was scored even higher with 76 points. All this resulted in a ranking of 18th in the 5-years TOP-25 KWPN dressage talents for 2007 and 3rd best of all KWPN dressage mares!!

----- October 9, 2007
Today Vayade VDW had her debute at M1 dressage competition under temporary rider Floor Dr�ge.
With the wonderful score of 194 pnt Vayade VDW is now M1 + 1.

----- October 26, 2007
Today Vayade VDW was started at M1 dressage competition in De Mortel The Netherlands by Remco Zuidam. The combination ranked 1st with again a wonderful score of 194 pnt.

----- October 26, 2007
Today Vayade VDW was started at M1 dressage competition in De Mortel The Netherlands by Remco Zuidam. The combination ranked 1st with again a wonderful score of 194 pnt.

----- December 1, 2007
Today Vayade VDW became M1+12 and is allowed now to start at M2. Remco Zuidam is planning to make 1 additional start at M1 and then start preparing for competition at dressage level M2.

----- March 28, 2008
Today Vayade VDW was started at M1 dressage competition in De Mortel The Netherlands by Remco Zuidam. The combination ranked 2nd with score of 182 pnt.

----- Mid May, 2008
Unfortunately Vayade VDW got injured and a 3..6 months recovery period is anticipated. This is a great disappointment as this injury eliminates her from participating in the selection competition for the World Championship for young dressage talents in Verden (Germany). Now fist focussing on getting her recovered coming months. We are also considering to turn this undesired situation into an nice opportunity to breed a foal with Vayade VDW something we liked to do for quite some time already. The challenge is to find a proved stallion carrying a good amount of her attractive genes and that is likely to support and possibly extend her strong points and of course improve her weak points.

----- August 3, 2008
Today Vayade VDW was scanned and found in foal of the KWPN approved stallion Landjonker alias Fruhling (sire: Landadel). We believe Landjonker alias Fruhling meets our requirements with respect to carrying a good amount of Vayade VDW's attractive genes through his dameline tracing back to many of Vayade VDW's damline stallions of Oldenburg origin as well as through his sire line (Landadel) tracing back to the influential Holstein origin (i.e. Stamm 18b1) of Amor (s.Herrscher) and Sinaeda (s.Camillus) both important ancestors in the pedigree of Vayade VDW. Landjonker alias Fruhling is also a proven stallion which performed on S-level showjumping, delivered 10 approved sons till now and is approved by almost all German studbooks, Austria and Switzerland. His long lined type and blood expression perfectly supports the type of Vayade VDW and he delivered both good dressage and showjumping offspring performing at highest level in sport. Finally the cross Jazz x Landjonker alias Fruhling appeared to be successful given the relative high number of horses from this blood combination that is performing on the highest level in the dressage arena. See the examples given on the site of Landjonker alias Fruhling.

----- End of September, 2008
As part of her recovery program Vayade VDW will be moving to Edith van der Wielen at Oss, The Netherlands. Edith used to be a successful member of the Dutch Young Riders. She will start training Vayade VDW gradually in order to get her recovered.

----- End of November, 2008
Vayade VDW moved to Edith van der Wielen early October. After a couple of days Edith started the training slowly. Vayade VDW appeared to like this very much and formed quite rapidly a fitting combination with Edith. It was amazing to see how fast the recovery training went. On November 30, 2008 the combination started Z1 dressage competition and received a wonderful mark of above 60%. We enormously enjoyed seeing the PAVO CUP finals topper Vayade VDW excelling as she did before! This event made our elite mare Vayade VDW a 6-years-old classified Z1 (level 3) dressage horse in 2008 thanks to Edith van der Wielen!!! Honestly, after the mid-May injury we did not expect this excellent performance achievement anymore in 2008. You can imagine that we are very proud of the combination Edith and Vayade VDW!

----- December 21, 2008
Today the combination Edith van der Wielen and Vayade VDW repeated and even execeeded above Z1 (level 3) competition success. Both test were above 60% and in the second test the combination ranked 3rd out of 15! Vayade VDW is now dressage Z1+3. Edith scheduled another few competition tests till mid February. As she is then approx. 7 months in foal it very likely that Vayade VDW will not be in the condition anymore to compete at this level.

----- February 15, 2009
Today the combination Edith van der Wielen and Vayade VDW competed at Z2 level with score above 60%! From now on our promising mare Vayade VDW is elite plus sport thanks to the very talented Edith van der Wielen. We are very proud of you Edith, thank!!

----- June 20, 2009
Today Vayade VDW gave birth to her 1st offspring from the KWPN stallion Landjonker alias Fruhling. It is a very rare and bloody filly carrying the name Ediyade VDW. Is she going to develop in the foot steps of her well knowk dam?

----- November 1st, 2009
Today Vayade VDW returned to the stables of Remco Zuidam. We like to give the combination who was so succesful at PAVO CUP finals in 2007 the opportunity to continue dressage training wih the objective to compete at national level ultimately.

News on Willyade VDW

----- August 14, 2003
We were tremendously shokked when we had to accept that the life of the 5-months-old Willyade VDW came to an end as the result of a tragical accident ... Willyade VDW complied to all requirements a breeder can think of!!!!

News on Ariyade VDW

----- May 5, 2005
To day just after midnight Ariyade VDW is born. Ariyade VDW (by UB40-Olivi-Jazz) is a rather heavy and large chestnut colt. It stood in only 15 minutes and emmediately started to drink. Ariyade has a correct exterior with heavy legs, long back, strong loins and short head. He seems to have a rather independent character.

----- Sept 10, 2005
A couple of days ago we decided to seperate Ariyade VDW from his mother as he gets so demanding that Nayade STV can hardly afford it anymore. At the age of 4 months Ariyade is a very friendly, very sizy and very lively independent colt that wants to play all day. The rather early seperation was the only feassible option to reliefe life for Ariyade's dam Nayade STV. We believe Ariayade VDW can handle this given his character, size and independency. Nayade STV can now again fully focus on her Z-dressage training.

----- Dec 23, 2005
Ariyade VDW is now almost 8 months. At the age of approx. 4 months he left his mother to get raised with some 40 other foals. Just after leaving his mother he caught a serious cold and it took Ariyade months to recover. For those months he was very quiet and down and certainly not the lively and happy colt he used to be. Now since a couple of weeks Ariyade is improving and his appearance and attitude is getting better and better. We are waiting anxiously for the very attractive Ariyade VDW he used to be!

----- May 13, 2006
Ariyade VDW by UB 40 is now just over 1 year old. He is devloping very well and belongs to the 3 or 4 yearlings having most height in his group of approx. 40.
Initially I thought that he would become a rather heavy horse, but that seems not be true. He is getting quite long legged, slim and long lined. His movements cannot be judged well in his group and will probably remain a surprise like with his sister Vayade VDW untill he returns home end of next year. One thing is certainly true and that is that he is resembling his mother in expression and behavior. Soon I will be publishing up-to-date new pictures of him on his page.

----- May 23, 2006
New pictures on Ariyade VDW by UB40-Olivi-Jazz appended. See also pictures on Ariyade VDW

----- January 28, 2007
Ariyade VDW is developing more than fantastic. It took over a year after his weaning to take up developing as he was showing as a 3-weeks old and a 3-months old colt. He is going to be a sizy long lined stallion with long fore legs and a very powerful hind. Ariayde VDW is a quiet friendly self-confident stallion with an expressive head. He is tall and well shaped with just sufficient substance. Not too heavy and certainly not too light. New pictures will be added once they get outside in spring!

----- December 1, 2007
Ariyade VDW returned home from an over-2-years stay with Lambert van Grunsven at Lithooyen (Netherlands) where he grew up with peers. We are very happy to have him back home so that we can commence his training.

----- December, 2008
Ariyade VDW was gelded beginning of 2008. Then he also got X-rayed and reveived the KWPN PROK certificate. He is now being trained in dressage by our daughter Joyce van de Wiel. Ariyade VDW is a very friendly and ridible boy of 1.73m at the age of 3 years old. He is doing very well and progressing more than average.

----- October, 2009
Ariyade VDW left for his new owners the family Hol in Eenum, Groningen. Daughter Leonie is his new amazone and is planning to train and compete with him at the highest level possible.

News on Ciyade VDW

----- May 13, 2007
To day just after midnight the uphill built dark brown Ciyade VDW (by Jazz/ keur, elite) is born. He is more than wonderfull! He is correctly built, expressive and ... very special .... We are anxious to see him growing up.

----- Juli 07, 2007
Ciyade VDW is almost 2 months old now and developing very well. His expression, exteriour and movements are excellent. In particular his dancing wise movement is very striking. Based on what we can observe now his movements and hind leg power are at least as good as these of his full sister Vayade VDW/ keur, elite, national NMK finals, national PAVO CUP 4-yrs semi finals and national PAVO CUP 5-yrs finals (18th and 3rd mare). Ciyade VDW has slightly more blood expression and is about the same height.

----- October 13, 2007
Today at the age of 5 months old the colt Ciyade VDW by Jazz /keur, preferent (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref) was weaned. He joined another group of foals at stud 'De Dalhoeve' of Nol en Jeanette Gerritsen in Wamel The Netherlands.
From day 1 up to his 5 months now it was a real daily pleassure to see the wonderful moving and eye catching Ciyade VDW steadily developing to his current impressive appearance.
As the age of 5 months old Ciyade VDW is by far exceeding his older full sisters Vayade VDW, Willyade VDW and half brother Ariyade VDW in all aspects. We now keep our fingers crossed and hope that he will grow up as a sound young stallion.

----- November, 2009
Ciyade VDW is now approx. 1.5 years old and developing very well. The group just returned to a large stable at stud De Dalhoeve where the group will stay till spring 2009. Mid 2009 it will become clear if Ciyade VDW is good enough to be presented at the first KWPN stallion selection event end of 2009.

----- Januari 28, 2010
Ciyade VDW returned home as a 2 years and 8 months old beautiful gelding. Joyce van de Wiel will start training this very promising dressage horse with the objective to sell him before Divayade VDW returns home somewhere at the end of 2010/early 2011.

News on Divayade VDW

----- May 11, 2008
Today just after midnight the filly Divayade VDW (s.Jazz) was born. It is very nice foal, dark brown, 4 white soks without any further white markings, long legged, nice head and blood expression. We are happy to have another filly after losing Willyade VDW a couple of years ago.

----- October 15, 2008
Today at the age of 5 months old the filly Divayade VDW by Jazz /keur, preferent (sire: Cocktail /keur, pref) was weaned. She joined another group of foals with Lambert van Grunsven at Lithooyen (The Netherlands). In her first 5 months she developed to a very attractivce foal with more than average height, sufficient blood expression and nice head. We hope that Divayade VDW will grow up as a sound young mare following the foot steps of her successful sister the elite mare Vayade VDW.

News on Erosyade VDW

----- April 23, 2009
Today again just after midnight the colt Erosyade VDW (s.Jazz) was born. It is a very lively and striking foal, nearly black and without any white markings, nice head and blood expression. More news to follow ...

News on Ediyade VDW

----- June 20, 2009
Today early in the morning our elite sport mare Vayade VDW gave birth to her first offspring the filly Ediyade VDW (s.Landjonker alias Fruhling) was born. She is an eye striking bloody foal, also nearly black and only white markings on 3 of her pasterns. More news to follow ...

News on Junior STV

----- Sunday Feb 15, 2004
Hans Peter Minderhoud and Junior STV scored 66.50% (2nd of 16) in the Prix St George at Ermelo.

----- Sunday Feb 22, 2004
Hans Peter Minderhoud and Junior STV scored (63.09%) in the Intermediaire II at Wanroy
Note: Now they are allowed to start Grand Prix. So the talented Junior STV will now be back again on the Grand Prix after he did so under Anky van Grunsven a few years ago and later under Anne van Olst.

----- August 26, 2006
It was very good new when it was published beginning 2006 that Junior STV will be brought back in the dressage arena by national dressage rider Manuela Poulsen. The many STV fans and in particular the Juniot STV fans wish the new combination all the luck of the world and are anxiously waiting to see them appear in the dressage competition ring!

----- July 07, 2007
Thanks to Manuela Poulsen Junior STV is competing at ZZ-light (level 3..4) often with good scores since a couple of months. For pictures and more details refer to Manuela Poulsen.

----- Early 2008
Manuela Poulsen stopped training Junior STV due to his retirement. Fortunately the KWPN approved quality and GP stallion Junior STV is now standing at Stud Bosma and available for breeding.

News on Romulus STV/DHS

----- March 18, 2004
What nice, today I got a sign from Romulus. Stacey Ford from Chicago wrote the following:

"I imported Romulus. He is in full time training in the Chicago region and should be ready to show first level this spring. His new owner LOVES his sweet personality. He is bathed by her 6 year old son.

He has grown in the past year, I believe he is 17'1". He should perform well in the spring as he will be riden by the trainer."

Stacey, thanks again for your help to find back Romulus!

----- March 29, 2004
Wonderful to receive and read such an enthousiastic e-mail from Deana Larson about Romulus, full brother to our Nayade STV. Deana wrote me the following mail:

"I absolutely adore him! He is so cute in his expressions and his personality. I have a 6 year old little boy who loves Romulus and Romulus loves him. My son will come into the barn and Romulus has his face on his railings in the stall shaking with excitement until Brandon or I come in to pet him. He is almost like a dog that beams with excitement when there owner comes home to let them out of its cage."

----- September 7, 2004
I was very happy to hear from the current owner (Deana Larson) of Romulus that he is doing so well in sport and that the involved people highly appreciate his lovely character. Deana wrote me the following mail:

"Romulus is qualified for our Regional Championships. He has scores in the upper 70's for his qualifying scores at Training Level. He just finished a clinic with Charles De Kunffy. He absolutely loved Romulus!! I will send you pictures in a few weeks when I get them back. He has changed so much in the past year and a half."

I will certainly add Romulus pictures once I have recieved them from Deana.

----- December 24, 2004
Owner Deana Larson wrote the following good and sad news on Romulus DHS:

"He is doing wonderful, he is such a great horse. He is starting to do his flying changes and is working on collection. He is a very elastic horse and very athletic to say the least."

"I also wanted to let you know and be one of the first ones to know that I regrettably have to sell Romulus. I believe in my heart I am not doing him justice at my level and he needs to really move up the levels with another rider who has more talent. His talent way out matches what I can give to him at this point in my life. So, if you know of anyone who is looking for a great horse, please have them contact me and I can fill them in on more details."

Deana, thanks for informing me and the good care you gave to Romulus and the wise descision to give Romulus the opportunities such a quality horse deserves!

----- September 26, 2006
Today, after a long search for Romulus DHS I received very good news from Alice Martin owner of StarWest, Farmingdale Rd New Berlin Illinois USA.

Her son and Young Rider Martin Kuhn is the new owner and rider of Romulus DHS since January 2005. As the name of Martin's PSG horse was Romulus (coincidence ...) they decided to change the name of Romulus DHS to Remus.

On September 2006 Remus and Marin ranked 19th on the list "Horses of the Year" at Third Level! More news, information and wonderful pictures of the combination Remus-Martin have been added to the presentation and picture pages of Romulus DHS alias Remus.

----- May, 2007
Thanks to Martin Kuhn Romulus STV/DHS, alias Remus, full brother to Nayade STV is now competing at 4th level dressage with wonderfull scores of over 70%. Keep progressing this way Martin and Remus!!

----- Dec, 2008
End 2007 Romulus STV/DHS, alias Remus, full brother to Nayade STV was purchased by the Veterinrians family Cook at Lexington, USA. Mrs. Julie Cook is training Romulus STV/DHS, alias Remus and currently successfuly competing him at dressage level 4 (ZZL/ZZZ). I am convinced Romulus STV/DHS, alias Remus found the best place to be at the Cook's owning a 30 acre farm!

Other news

----- December 27, 2004
Added page on Michelangelo (grand sire of UB40).

----- December 29, 2004
Added page on UB 40 (sire of our 2005 expected Ariyade VDW).

----- January, 2005 ... December 2008
Several pages added. See home page sections "Updates", "Articles" and "Others"

----- January 2, 2009
Added pages on Landjonker alias Fruhling (mid May 2008 bred to our elite mare Vayade VDW and Landadel sire of Landjonker alias Fruhling.

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